What to Believe Astrology or Astronomy

Astrology is the faith that examining the stars can tell us more about our personalities and our Fate based on the alignment of heavenly bodies. Astrologers describe different personality types, and then predict how you will communicate with others. They use the movement of the planets for each sign to reveal the forces affecting you and foretell your future.

Astronomy is the science of studying the stars that can tell us more not about human lives but about the fate of the universe and its diverse elements. Copernicus, Galileo, and Kepler were all famous astronomers because of them we could understand better the way the universe works. Astronomers study everything from comets to galaxies to black holes.



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Astrology is an ancient belief system. Astronomy is a science. No studies or patterns or experiences have proved astrology true, although many people believe in its powers. Astronomy is a verifiable science that relies on data and proof.

Astrology is Defining our Fate. How it all started. Some millennia ago, ancient people was looking up at the night sky and wondering about those little sparkling dots in the night sky. The light of the stars ruled the night sky. Ancient Egyptians and Greeks questioned what the stars were, and what power these burning stars had over human lives. They studied the patterns and attached signs and meaning to the stars and planets. Ancient myths and tales described the movement of the stars. The stars explained, in turn, the fates of human lives. This is a design of divination or foretelling the future.

Astrology may have uncertain predictive value but its observations of the changing of the stars are genuine and based on careful histories. The principle of astrology is dividing the movement of the sky into specific categories based on signs. Every sign relates to certain mythological figures and stories. There are twelve signs.

Each sign matches to a different mythological element, from the Golden Fleece of Aries the Ram to the fish that Aphrodite changed into to escape an assailant for Pisces. Those with a familiarity in Greek mythology will acknowledge many of the symbols and signs in astrology.



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Astronomy is the logical study of the stars and planets and other space phenomena. From the lunar eclipse to the recurring comet, from the life of stars to the movement of the Earth, astronomers can foretell and describe the happenings of our sky.

Astronomy is what explains the days and months and years of our lives. Astronomers have all the scientific answers for connecting to space like how does the sun move, how the moon moves, what are the orbits of the planets, and why has Pluto not considered a planet anymore.

Within the field of astronomy, there are specific sub-fields to study precise phenomena, like study galaxies, planets, and stars directly; an Observational astronomer does that. Information and understanding of the way these elements behave to examine and theorize how systems came to be; Theoretical astronomers studies that. Since no single human can ever see the full life cycle of a star; which takes millions of years to come into being, exist, and then die – observational and theoretical astronomy often overlap. Astronomers can practice further, and study more specific elements of the universe.

Astrometry is the measurement of the position of the planets and of stars.

Stellar astronomy focuses specifically on the study of stars.

Galactic astronomy aims bigger, and is the study of the structure of galaxies, which are composed of millions of stars.

Astrophysics focuses on the physics – like luminosity, temperature, and chemical composition – of elements in our Universe.

Cosmology is the most all-engrossing sub-field – it studies the origin and evolution of the whole Universe.

Astrology vs. Astronomy

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Both astrology and astronomy have their origins in humans long ago looking up at the sparkling night sky or observing the movement of the sun and wondering what made it all happen. Astrology uses those observations to draw conclusions about people’s personalities and to predict the future. Astronomy is a rigorous science that is constantly evolving as it seeks to explain how the universe works and what our place in it is.

We can all learn lessons from both fields. Even if you do not believe that the planets and stars hold power over human personalities and lives, you can read about the different characteristics of the signs of the Zodiac. In reading about different personalities, you might recognize some elements of your own character. Are you talkative? Are you adventurous? Are you sensitive? You do not need to be a Gemini, a Sagittarius, or a Pisces for these to be true!

Likewise, looking up at the stars and knowing there are scientific reasons why and how the light reaches us and the celestial bodies move is humbling. It can give us a greater appreciation for the way our world works, and help us forget trifling problems.

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