Hackers – Intelligent Mind or Threat to Security

The word “the secret” doesn’t exist in the world of web. You might be agreed or might be not, but every detail you shared with the web could be about you, your girlfriend or boyfriend but I bet you have shared it one with the web. Humans are the very curious creature and curiousness is the sole reason of human’s revolution in every field. Much interested in any other’s news; we all know this and somewhat we all are like this. Hackers are among those groups with a great mind or doing the task for those groups. They often put malicious virus to a system for having its functionality in a hidden way. Let’s talk about the best hackers work with this example of hackers in the world. Those have rocked the world through their skill


Picture Courtesy: static6.businessinsider.com

yeah you have read it right. This hacker group name is “Anonymous”. Cool contender of the hacking platform. You can make a movie on him. They work in a group and quite a popular and they are the unique hackers having a huge fan support with the name as “digital Robin Hood”. They have hacked almost everything; from the government, religious sites to business sites, nothing has been left by them, seems like they are really having fun to trouble out the big names. They have always aimed the big bugs like CIA, FBI, official government sites of many nations.


picture Courtesy: cdn.thedailybeast.com

Adrian came in spotlight post entering inside many much-buzzed systems like Microsoft, Yahoo, The New York Times, etc. Andrian usually hacks from the public places like cafeterias, libraries, and cafes for his action. Perfect places for hacking nobody can trace him. His passion of hacking has made him known with the name ‘homeless hacker’. Andrian usually tried to hack the big accounts like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, etc. Good news is that he lets those companies know about their safety imperfections. How well-hearted he is, isn’t he?!!


Picture Courtesy: archive.wired.com

Kevin is another interesting personality being a hacker. There was a reason of his hacking; he hacks for the peculiar reason like just to win a radio show. He has hacked multiple systems. Anyway, he started hiding as the FBI started the process of tracking him and story’s climax is; he got caught later with many charges. Interestingly he works as a senior editor. Could you have imagined this happy ending?


Picture Courtesy: upload.wikimedia.org

two is better than one, the duo had done really serious blunders. For their actions, many subjects between the USA and North Korea could have gone more complicated. Mathew and his partner Richard hacked the US military systems and took this as a way to shape the systems of other nations. The thing could be managed to end from getting bigger by a very small margin as these were primarily crucial for North Korea.


Picture Courtesy: d.ibtimes.co.uk

what is better than two? It’s a group of hackers. They are a very clever hacking gang those hold the negative reputation of getting inside systems of big organizations like CIA, FBI and many others. These groups were such notorious that after manipulating the News Corporation accounts they published the rumour that Rupert Murdoch is no more. They continuously challenge at your security systems. They are said to be not involved anymore in such practices. Relax readers.

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