FLYBi & Nixie: New Revolution in taking Selfies

Is it a Bird? Is it a plane? For sure it’s not Superman, it’s you soaring like a bird through the sky. Well, this smart drone comes with tracking goggles that will let you control the flight path of drone with your head movements to get an awesome out of body experience.


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The FLYBi smart drone gives a real experience as if you’re flying like a bird in the sky by receiving head movement signals from the goggles in the real-time. You can let the video stream to Smartphone app instead, where you can steer FLYBi, plan it on fixed flight paths or make the device hover to take pictures above us. There’s a wearable wrist control with turn the discs for easier navigation.


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FLYBi can capture 1080 pixel high definition video and 12 MP photographs, all the images and videos can be stored in the cloud and shared with family and friends. At the front of the drone, there’s a little cockpit which houses the lens on a head-tracker, when it cranes around gives an impression that there is a tiny bird pilot’s head in there scanning the skies.


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For rapid charging, there’s a helideck which can be fixed on a roof or car. Virtually, FLYBi has unlimited flight time, returning to the helideck it needs a power boost every time and then taking off again to return to its flight mission. In case of any new obstacles comes in the way of the helideck when FLYBi is in flight, like a large crowd of gawking onlookers or a parked car, it’ll simply sprint around them on its next trip back.


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The helideck contains one general power source and two extra batteries for the drone. It also has two external USB charging ports for other devices like mobile phone or I-pad to juice up while you’re busy handling the drone.

One of the best features is that FLYBi doesn’t require learning curve – which means anyone can turn it on and use it instantly without going through an extensive piloting course.

To have your personal assistant to take selfies, Early Bird Flight Set Plus which includes FLYBi drone, goggles, carry case and remote control, is available at $829 (about £545).

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