Cool High-tech Gadgets that Gives Your Home an Amazing Look

Gadgets are always a part of our everyday life, like the mobile phone. We are dependent on them for our daily actions. As technology is moving forward, so do these gadgets that we are fond of and amazed by the new concepts which are created by ambitious designers. These innovations occur from a necessity of solving our daily problems which old products have and also come with a beautiful design besides the new and improved functions.

Transparent TV

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Transparent TV is designed by Michael Friebe and is a marvelous piece of technology which combines conventional LCD with the TOLED display technology. This allows creating solid moving pictures which are non-transparent with rich color reproduction giving full contrast range from pristine white to solid black.


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Have you ever encountered a problem with forgetting the light switch stands for different light? Taewon Hwang came with a solution of creating a simple master light design that shows you what lights you are turning on or off.

The AURA Lamp

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This lamp almost look like an alien or a UFO spaceship, with a certain texture the AURA lamp lights up a room and is hand made in France.

Dimensional Wall Panels

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These wall panels surely bring a nice touch to a room, with its interesting shapes which creates a beautiful arrangement of shadows and light. They can also be put in restaurants, shops and offices, these wall panels give a nice futuristic look to the room.

Sony Eclipse

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The Sony Eclipse concept is created by Anh Nguyen and Hoang M Nguyen is a media player which uses photovoltaic cells fitted on its backside to draw in solar power. You have a slight chance of having low battery with this player.

Pouring Light Lamp

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A strange though interesting lamp which is eye catching and is sold at a really fast rate if it would be put in stores created by Yeongwoo Kim. The lamp uses LED lights that are fitted in the bucket lights up in a marvelous way.

Door Handle With Self-sterilization System

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Many lives get lost due to common issue, Influenza. Most of the diseases are spread through hand contact and we can prevent many diseases simply by washing our hands thoroughly. Well, you can use ‘Self-sterilizing door handle’ to prevent the spread of new influenza virus which can be transmitted by hand contact. It’s simple to use this handle, the UV lamp continuously sterilizes when the handle is not being used to maintain a clean condition.

Senzo Nightlight

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It’s really annoying at night when you wake up and not able to find the light switch. The solution to this problem is provided by Marcos Madia and Soledad Clavell who created this amazing nightlight that lights up the room on touching it.

Eco Cleaner

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Without using dish detergents and using ultrasonic waves, Eco Cleaner ionizes food particles on the dishes and makes the plates bright and fresh. It converts food into reusable compost for plants. More nutrients with less waste for plants are a good idea for future and a definite solution for enriching the soil.

iQ Alarm clock

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Instead of having the snooze button which you usually press in the morning, this alarm clock has few questions that require your lucidity to solve them. You will surely get up fast in the morning.

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