Now become Nostradamus, Newton or Einstein with ‘BrainPlus IQ’ Pill

Have you ever thought of becoming a Genius who can solve mathematical equations or do multiple activities at the same time?

Most of the people will answer NO. Well, expert’s says that majority of humans use only 10% of our Brain’s potential. Probably this is the reason to the answer ‘No.’ The question remains as how we can increase brain’s potential. There’s a pill in available in the market named ‘BrainPlus IQ’ that can unlock your brain to achieve optimum results and would become the biggest happening event in human history.


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In the science community, Stephen Hawking is known as a go-to mind for future predictions. Hawking, who fears of contact with extraterrestrial life and has warned us that alien might try to conquer and colonize the Earth. He gave some examples of the past that proves his theory saying “If aliens come to Earth, the outcome would be the same when Columbus landed in America, which didn’t turned well for the Native Americans,” as per Hawking in a documentary which was made for Discovery Channel.

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A lot of predictions have been made by the great minds in the history, most notably is famed predictor and philosopher, Nostradamus. What exactly leads anyone in making predictions? On looking, it turns out a little while back, notes written by famous mathematician Sir Isaac Newton reveals a lot of diverse ingredients when combined enhance the function of brain. It’s no surprise, as Newton was also known to be an Alchemist, who mixes chemicals, ingredients and serums for self testing, all research to seek the philosopher’s stone. It seems possible as Stephen Hawking have found that now?

Check out the below points that ‘BrainPlus IQ’ covers:-

  • Boost Cognition
  • Improve Memory
  • Lower Stress
  • Enhance Focus
  • Reduce Fatigue


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Stephen Hawking credits his ability to maintain focus and function on a high level to certain set of “smart drugs” which enhance neural connectivity and cognitive brain function, which boost memory while strengthening the prefrontal cortex and memory recall.

Many teams of neurotropic brain pills have hit the market in the past after the release of Newton’s formula, which was written in his notes he left behind. However the results would vary. Stephen did his homework, updated the formula and launched BrainPlus IQ that people started reporting amazing results. They spent all their time and money on research and development, taking a deep insight in the records of history to find the right ingredients. They implemented a strategy upon the discovery among the top scientists on the edge of innovative breakthroughs in a specific field to come up with a formula that we know as BrainPlus IQ that is available in today’s market.

Stephen Hawking said that he does not have the ability to predict future but his brain is than ever, more focused and clear vision, giving credit to the use of BrainPlus IQ. Hawking added that brain is like a muscle that require work out and require supplements like body builders use.

Famous personalities from (musician like Kanye West to athlete Tom Brady) has taken BrainPlus IQ and have praise for the BrainPlus IQ, which skyrockets energy levels, doubles their IQ and activate the parts of brain which was not connected previously. This pill is for sure Viagra for the Brain.


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“As per BrainPlus IQ, Countless aging celebs have admitted that they avoided taking Adderall, by taking BrainPlus IQ.”

BrainPlus IQ can be a useful pill, just imagine after taking the pill we can memorize the study material after reading them once or prepare for test in one night and can win quiz and competitive exams.

MIT scientist Peter Molnar said that they have tested BrainPlus IQ vs. Adderall on 1,000 subjects in a 10 day span and the results were stunning. BrainPlus IQ outperformed Adderall by 600% more effective and all the subjects doubled their IQ on taking BrainPlus IQ.

Denzel revealed this clinically-proven and all-natural brain boosting pill and completely safe to use. BrainPlus IQ is proven to be 600% efficient than Adderall and there are no harmful ingredients, it’s also non-addictive and about 79% of the participants doubled their IQ in 24 hours and have maintained that IQ level the entire time they studied.

“As per Bradley Cooper, This Is the Closest Thing To ‘The Limit-Less’ Pill.”

“BrainPlus IQ was given honorary mention in the Scientific Mind online magazine edition as the pill that can turn anyone into ‘the quickest thinker on the planet’.”

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