Looking For The Best From The Weird And Wacky World Of Sheds

The best from the weird and wacky world of sheds, it’s an exciting work to see people creativity. The shortlist for the 2016 Shed of the Year competition has been declared.

The 2016 Shed of the Year competition covers some of the most innovative, wacky, and fun micro-architecture you can find it in one place in this article. These Highlights cover a shed that can withstand a nuclear attack sound so interesting, a sustainable shed made using cobs, and a street-legal shed that carries a V6 engine.

For those who unfamiliar with the UK’s growing shed scene, it’s related to the USA’s tiny house movement, but with more novelty trolls and a centre on giving somewhere for a garden-loving parent to escape to for a few moments, rather than a spot to live. The scene is packed with enthusiastic hobbyists who build all kinds of weird and amazing small structures in their gardens.

The Cabin of the Green Man from Bedford in Bedfordshire is a fin

Picture Courtesy: www.countryfile.com

The 2016 Shed of the Year shortlist is split into 8 categories: Unexpected, Cabin/Summerhouse, Eco, Workshops/Studios, Budget, Entertainment, Unique, and Historic. Each category highlights 4 sheds. The public can choose a winner in each section until June 8 before an overall winner is picked later this year. Here are few eye-catching examples.

Dun 25 – this Shed is a 3 man nuclear bunker. Jim Sherrit is the proud owner of Dun 25, a former nuclear bunker located 20 ft underground in a farmer’s range on the outskirts of Edzell, Scotland.

Mr.Sherrit has spent the past 3 years rebuilding the bunker back to its previous glory and the result is a testament to his endurance and enthusiasm. Entrance is gained through a hatch and vertical ladder, and power comes from the battery and generator. It’s pretty much a technology-free zone under the bunker, but there are lots of tools, charts, books, and maps to keep Sherrit busy. it comes in an entrant in the History category.

Shed of the Year 2016

Picture Courtesy: www.eveningtelegraph.co.uk

Fastest Shed – Kevin Nicks considers his self-made shed-on-wheels is probably the only 100 % street legal shed in the world. It also carries a 200 bhp V6 engine, 4 wheel drive, air-con, disc brakes, electric windows, and remote central locking.

Nicks has reached a top speed of 141.7 km/h on an airfield in his shed and trying to cross the speeds of over 160 km/h this year. To date, he’s covered around 8,046 km in it. It comes in an entrant in the Unique category.

The Cob Shed – this Shed was created by Kate Edwards, Charlotte Eve, and their 3 year-old son, quite a team. And important to mention a little help from over 200 people from around the world who have come to see the shed to study how to build their own cob sheds and homes.


Picture Courtesy: upload.wikimedia.org

The shed holds a turf roof, reclaimed windows, and doors. It has a floor and walls made from cobs, which soak up the sun’s heat during the day easily and release it at night to keep a constant temperature. A stained glass roof panel gives additional sunlight. The space is used for engaging guests and as a home office. The Cob Shed is an entrant in the Eco category.

You can check out the gallery online for all the other sheds, along with short descriptions of their designs. Striking entries include a shed that doubles up as a home for an African crocodile, another invented to match an American cavalry bunker from the Vi

Source Url: http://propertyfind.ae/looking-best-weird-wacky-world-sheds/


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