UEFA EURO 2016 Kicked Off In France!!

As Football fans will know, the UEFA Euro 2016, the biggest European Football Championship of all time has begun in France on 10th June. It will continue till 10th July. Football fans are excited as the championship has kicked off. For the first time ever, 24 teams will face off against each other over 50 matches until one country comes out holding the trophy up high. EURO 2016 will be nothing short of a celebration of the football as a sport.


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This is the third time the European Championship is taking place on French land, so you will be assured of what they are doing. Fan Zones, activities, events, and more await you in 10 different host cities across France.

With first matches being drawn, teams have recently announced their chosen players. Kicked off on June 10th, host France and Romania played the opening match, building plenty of excitement, also because the team players were announced.


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Matches are going to be held around France from Nice, Toulouse and Marseille in south to Paris, Lille and Bordeaux in the North. If you are lucky enough to have tickets then you’re sure to have an amazing experience as the French hosts promises amazing and wonderful championships.

The most talked about are the top five strikers who have been tipped for the Golden Boot- Sweden’s Zaltan Ibranhimovic, Spain’s Alvaro Morata, Poland’s Robert Lewandowski, Belgium’s Romelu Lukakuand, England’s Harry Kane. These are the ones to watch out for. Another one to watch out for is the wonder boy Mario Gotze.


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Prepare for a party in the name of football in France’s capital. Paris Saint-Germain’s home Parc des Princes Stadium will host five matches. But the biggest celebration will be held by the foot of Eiffel Tower in the city of Paris. Concert, entertainment, football village, stages and screen displaying the matches are all found throughout the zone. French superstar David Guetta will be performing an anthem on June 9th, the eve of the tournament. This party you will not afford to miss. So get on you team’s t-shirt and get in the zone!

Only 10 kms north of Paris lays the town of Saint- Denis, where a grand total of seven matches will be played. Here, the winner will be announced after the finals on 10th July at the State de France. Until then there’s a lot of fun activities to be done around the city.


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If you are attending games in Bordeaux or just visiting the city, you are truly in for the treat. An immense fan zone will be waiting for you for the duration of championship. A rich atmosphere will brought to you by the entire city as well.

Attending easy going north and Lille, you are going to join thousands of other fans at the Hensi Matisse Park, close by the train station, in celebration at the city’s fan zone. Cheer your favorite team as they battles; enjoy some of the entertainment found while also looking for rich and vibrant city as it truly is between the matches. You can expect a unique atmosphere at 25,000 capacities of fans. For post match grub, you can choose from over 900 restaurants in the city where you will definitely find what you are looking to soothe your taste buds.


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Loving life in Lens for the championship is not at all difficult. You can join fan zone of around 18,000 people to watch the match on big screen or sin in your teeth in some street food. Bars will also be there to help quench your thirst. Lens is home to one of the most popular football teams in France, the Racing Club de Lens as they are amazingly dedicated fans. The home stadium here has 4000 more seats than the entire city population. So be prepared to enter a city where football is the centre of attraction.

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