This Ramadan Experience an Unforgettable Iftar in Dubai

Ramadan is an important month in Dubai and the Islamic calendar. The period is pointed by a host of Ramadan-related actions. The Dubai Government organizes various events during the month and the retail sector sees brisk business. Emirati traditions and hospitality are also very noticeable during this month as Iftars are hosted across Dubai and residents of various nationalities come together to share the spirit of Ramadan.

Also covered annually during Ramadan are several of cultural educational activities that purpose to educate the public on what the month of Ramadan is all about and how to plan one’s self during this holy month. This year Ramadan is still fully expected to start on June 6 and will probably end around Tuesday 5 July.


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Temperature in Dubai in June at around 40 degrees Celsius it will be a hot time for fasters, according to the Arab Union for and Astronomy Space Sciences Temperatures across the Gulf will be as high as 50 degrees Celsius during the Month. During Ramadan The “maximum temperatures in other Gulf countries and Saudi Arabia will average 45 to 50 degrees during Ramadan,” meteorologist Khalid Al Zuak told Saudi daily Ajel.



Do’s: Initiate the most of the community spirit. Say ‘Ramadan Kareem’ to colleagues and friends introduce yourself to those friends you’ve always meant to say hi to, announce an after-work iftar, and catch up with family.

Do’s: Become a night owl. You may not have seen before, During Ramadan everything happens later. Malls are open past midnight. Embrace the late nights and identify a side to the UAE.

Do’s: The UAE has a wide range of volunteering and charitable organizations. Ramadan is a best time to put your money where your mouth is.

Don’t… If you’re not a Muslim, you’re still expected to be respectful. It’s frowned upon to dress inappropriately, drink, eat or smoke during daylight, swear in public and play loud music. At the very least these things are frowned upon and will cause uncomfortable to others, and at worst you may find yourself in trouble with the fined and police.

Don’t … give up your patience. Working hours are assure to be shorter (and perhaps a little less productive), those who are fasting tend to be tired, and the UAE’s roads will be more unsettled and hectic at times.

Don’t … miss it. During Ramadan various expats tend to head out of town. But it’s one of the most spirited and vibrant times to live in the UAE. What better time to get muddled in the local culture?


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At Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai’s famous 10-day Night Market of Ramadan is all set to open on June 23 to July 2.It covers several brands and product from around the region also includes entertainment, and foods. Entry is Dh5 per person and under five year children get in free. Visitors can see forward to browsing through products ranging from jewelers, accessories, clothing health and beauty products, perfumes, personal care, food, electronics, home appliances, toys and baby items, handicrafts collectibles and souvenirs.

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