Do You Love Gold? Now You Can Eat It

A camel meat burger sprinkled with 24 carat gold or a cappuccino decorated with golden powder is unique leisure meals on the list of luxury cafés in the UAE.

Abu Dhabi’s Emirates Palace is the first luxury hotel in the country to launch a gold coin dispensing ATM machine, and its Le Café Restaurant now has gold-flavoured food to cater to visitors from around the globe.

The gold-sprinkled camel burger has started a lively social media review because Abu Dhabi is, possibly, the only area where the golden Arabian camel burger is offered.

On the other side, discerning customers can find cappuccino sprinkled with gold powder at a restaurant in Dubai’s Burj Al Arab, with some customers calling is “awesome” and a “bit of fun”.


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Edible gold and silver are utilized for giving special luxurious foods, drinks, and beverages for special moments, but the golden burger is available daily in the UAE capital.

Travel lovers and foodies from around the world have been captivated to the signature Camel Burger, which serves with 24k gold dust decoration. The signature Camel burger, priced Dh110 plus taxes around 30$, has been served in the restaurant for 3 years now.

“It is a famous Arabic delight in our restaurant. The signature Camel Burger was designed and launched in 2012 after many months of culinary brainstorming, unlimited tasting sessions, and a hotly-contested qualifying heat by facing teams from the hotel’s restaurants,” answers Stefani Anash from the Emirates Palace Hotel. It weights almost 200 grams containing the gold dust of a few grams.


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In celebration of regionally produced products, a total of 20 choices were narrowed down to 5, from which the winning burger was introduced. The signature Camel Burger is now a hot item on the Le Cafe menu, and a must-try piece at Emirates Palace.

Travel writers and trip advisors are spoken about the unique luxury treat.

Golden Cappuccino is available in Emirates Palace and Burj Al Arab, Dubai’s 7-star luxury hotel. Edible gold flake, dust or leaf is available in the market to create edible creations worth their mass in gold.


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According to hotel representative Sprinkled with real 24 carat gold flakes, this is the model of indulgence at the Palace. At Emirates Palace, chefs use only the choicest ingredients to make signature gold cappuccino.

The Palace Cappuccino is offered throughout the day in both Caviar Bar and Le Café from 7:00AM to 12.30PM Dh60 excluding 10% service charge and 6% tourism fee.

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