Cambodia’s Medieval Cities Concealed under the Jungle, Unveiled!

Cambodia’s archaeologists have found multiple medieval cities near the ancient temple of Angkor Wat. The journal of Archaeological science will publish the findings of Australian Archaeologist Dr. Damian Evans which states that multiple cities have been revealed through laser scanning technology of almost 900-1400 years old below the tropical forest floor, some of them having the size as big as Cambodia’s capital. Phnom Penh.

Based on recently captured and analyzed data of 2015, this archaeological report covered 734 sq miles and showed densely populated and enormous cities which would have constituted largest empire in the world at the time of 12th century.

Angkor Wat in Cambodia tourism destinations

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According to Evans, entire cities were identified below the forests which no one knew existed at it turned out that we discovered only a part of Mahendraparvata on Phnom Kulen in 2012, and now we have got it fully.

They have long suspected that there exists a city beneath Mount Kulen. It was in 2015 it got analyzed that the city was apparent. It also disclosed many discoveries like water systems built many years ago, role of climate change and water management process technology.

The ruins of Angkor temple sprawls across its archaeological park are the nation’s prime tourist attraction with the temple appearing on its national flag. The cities were found by firing lasers from helicopter to the ground in order to induce extreme and detailed imagery on earth’s surface. The laser scanners have also identified large geometric patterns mysteriously formed by earthen embankments.


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Archaeological experts agree that these are most significant discoveries which mark greatest advancement in last 50- 100 years of Angkorian civilization. It is believed to open up perspectives which help people know more about it and also about how it flourished and collapsed eventually. It’s a great step, putting many nameless and ordinary khmer speaking people back into the past of Cambodia, towards Cambodian history.

The survey outcomes have revolutionized the understanding and it’s not possible to not get excited. Evans said that this discovery will completely reveal many assumptions of khmer empire. It could look through dense jungle covering the hills disclosing an unexpected city predated Angkor. The largest complex built during Angkorian period is 22 sq kms connected to it directly by a road with good infrastructure and playing a role in facilitating iron supply to the capital. New research specifies that it may be more important than several other temples built in Angkor and that it had a good amount of population supporting it.


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The decline of Angkor is one of the most important events in history of South Asia but the precise date for this event is not yet found. After Angkor, Cambodia is understood in the terms of retreat, loss and a dark age moreover an absence. Yet, it was alive with activities. South East Asia being the hub of international trade among east and west, using lidar survey, in conventional archaeology the Dark Age can be revealed as equally as rich, diverse and a complex one.

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