Ride Over Dubai with the Balloon Adventure

Picture yourself going up in the air sitting in a hot air balloon seeing the golden hues of sand from above 1200 meters. If you want to experience the beauty of Dubai, there’s no better way other than taking a hot air balloon tour across the long stretched deserts in an exceptional and extraordinary way.


Picture Courtesy: themedelight.com

The balloon ride in the desert daily departs at sunrise from skydive in Dubai. It is also known as the most enjoyable activities for adventure in Dubai. It gets easy to watch camels roaming into the deserts through sand dunes in astounding formation which is both peaceful and serene.

There are many organizations that provide unforgettable experiences since decades, of this. They know of the landscape and have set good safety standards in the field and also have world’s most experienced pilots which hold European Union Pilot Licenses granted by general civil aviation authority. Also the maintenance of balloons undergoes strict and regular inspections.


Picture Courtesy: weekendelux.com

It’s one of the essential things to look out for in Dubai. Close, yet far from the glamour and glitz of the city. Enjoy a magic ride over the endless sand dunes ocean and emerald green oases, camels wandering while sitting in the Hot air balloon.

There are different packages available as well to suit your preferences and needs like sunrise ride in hot air balloon, heritage breakfast safari, overnight safari and ride. You can choose to combine your flight with your schedule. You can witness the sunrise with majestic Hajar Mountains in the backdrop which can be once in a lifetime kind of experience for you followed by wildlife safari in land rover of vintage model.


Picture Courtesy: www.thatdubaisite.com

What can you expect?

Expect to float above Arabian Desert for almost an hour in the rising sun. Look out for the Giant red sand dunes, date farms and ever changing shadows on desert landscapes. You will be served with refreshments after you hit the solid ground and will be presented with flight certificate by the balloon pilots.


Picture Courtesy: www.thatdubaisite.com

Recommended things to carry

You can also meet camel farmers, other local folks, falconers who live in the area on the occasion. Wearing flat shoes and comfortable clothing is recommended. Also bring sunglasses and cap with you.

Who all are allowed?

Children less than 7 years of age, women more than 3 months pregnant and persons having chronic back and neck pain are not allowed to go for this adventure activity.

Source Url: http://propertyfind.ae/ride-over-dubai-with-the-balloon-adventure/

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