Rare Treat Introduced by Rolls Royce: The Vision Next 100 Concept

This car is so amazing that it has not made it to the production in its existing form but this doesn’t make it any less interesting.

Rolls Royce vision next 100 is around 20 feet long and 5 feet tall, fully automated and having physical presence of a super yacht is meant to engross the brand goal for the next 10 decades. This has come after the end of 7th generation production Phantom and it’s a part of concept series vehicles of BMW group developed to celebrate their 100 years in 2016 and harbinger the next century design and technology. The company has revealed the BMW vision next 100 in March in Munich and mini concept few days back.


Picture Courtesy: assets.bwbx.io

With this new model, they were thoughtful of not dwelling in the past, said the design director of Rolls Royce. They wanted it to be most innovative which can transcend the design history of the announcement at the same time.

The key to the car is that it rejects the idea that future transport modes will be utilitarian and anonymous. Is it the very shade thrown at other self driving cars looking as interesting as slim and white landline telephone? At any rate rolls vision next 100 looks like a chariot with historic essence of ecstasy with it and a long Rolls hood. This car is wrapped with glass canopy roof and lower surface material is made to give it a look as if the car is floating.

This model of the car has same features and dimensions like modern phantom extended wheelbase and oversized Spirit of Ecstasy based on 1920’s era of Phantom. Luggage compartment in the rear comes with bespoke “Grand Tourer” cases. The Vision Next 100 is going to be powered by zero emissions placed on advance suspension.


Picture Courtesy: www.caricos.com

Rolls claimed that future buyers will commission their own coach built concepts. Every rolls car will be unique and a masterpiece in itself which depicts the emotional attachment between the car owner and the car. It means that if you buy a Rolls Royce like this one, you get to choose the furniture and other things inside, yourself if you don’t like the sofa inside.

1x-1-1Picture Courtesy: assets.bwbx.io

Yes, the inside of the Vision Next 100 is arranged like a lounge and every lounge needs a couch. A small couch is enclosed with silk and backlit which give it a look as if it’s floating in its place. Rest of the cabin is surrounded by wood of Macassar and embraced with deep pile of ivory wool carpet.

The car is controlled by an interactive program “Elenor”. This program works as a chauffeur and as an assistant like iPhone’s “Siri” program that reminds the passengers regarding appointments and tasks & make suggestions.


Picture Courtesy: assets.bwbx.io

The key to ultimate luxury, as per the Rolls Royce, is grand arrival, an event. Basically, car begins to glow from wheels to grill allowing you to stand fully before the coach door sweeps open. It also gives you a red carpet feel as you step outside; a red light shines from beneath.

Source Url: http://propertyfind.ae/rare-treat-introduced-by-rolls-royce-the-vision-next-100-concept/


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