Exceptional Tennis player Serena Williams Working Hard as Ever to Stay on Top

From defending her title and participating at Rio Olympics to doing a cameo appearance in Beyonce’s “Lemonade”, Serena Williams is working hard as ever to be on the top.

She doesn’t consider herself a morning person at all but waking up not being a worldwide famous tennis champion she would go to a park, shop at a grocery store or go to a mall. The “ordinary things” she says.

Serena Williams

Picture Courtesy: www.washingtontimes.com

When asked about who she thinks she would be if hadn’t ever picked a racquet while sitting on an outdoor couch near swimming pool casually dressed post training wearing Nike headband, white top and shorts. She says maybe I would be married, have kids, loving animals or would have become a veterinarian.

Serena picked up a tennis racquet and the rest is history, remarkable and exceptional. She will go to Europe for clay court season concluding in Paris for French Open 2016 where she will be defending women’s single championship. Wimbledon will be at the end of the June, where she is going to defend the women’s single championship which she has won 6 times.


Picture Courtesy: tennistours.com

Williams has captured 21 women singles grand slam titles in her career of tennis, Also 13 additional in doubles and 2 more in mixed doubles, along with 4 Olympic gold medals. She is the oldest women’s tennis player ever at the age of 34 to ever be ranked no.1.

One could make an imperative case that Serena is the greatest women’s player of all time. Experts voices that she is the best ever. But the story of how she got at the top with her sister Venus, African-American champions from Compton, California educated by foresighted father Richard is quite dazzling and unbelievable and is almost like a fable. Today Serena is at once a symbol of female power, a philanthropist, fashion designer, a celebrity and a social media influencer who can stand proudly with any icon of her era.


Picture Courtesy: www.sbs.com.au

When she showed up recently in a video for Beyonce’s new album, “Lemonade”, dancing along the pop queen, her appearance felt surprising and natural. She has known Beyonce for a long time. I got sore from dancing she adds.

Serena has been a superstar for almost 2 decades but still inhibits complicated relations with public. She has had people putting her down because of she not looking like others and because of the color of her skin. But she is still going. When she plays, she is unstoppable. You simply can’t talk about women’s sports without thinking of her. Serena Williams embodies strength, power, confidence and beauty.


Picture Courtesy: commons.wikimedia.org

It’s an assumption that once sports superstars ascend to the top, their hard work stops but the truth is actually the opposite.

William is a night owl. It’s not uncommon for her to stay awake till 3-4 a.m working on various things. After the French Open, she put down the racquet for some time and kept busy herself into New York Fashion Week disclosing a range of fringe inspired evening dresses and weekend wear. Her interest in fashion has passed on the point where it can be considered as a part time hobby. Being a designer herself, she has attended fashion school amidst their tennis careers and she even like to cast models, do hair and makeup while playing for tournaments. William considers it as a pride to know about how a fabric works and how patterns are conceived.


Picture Courtesy: www.betches.com

She fantasizes mostly about taking a break, a perfect day off sitting on the couch watch TV or maybe taking a dance class. But such days never happen, those ordinary things like going to parks, grocery stores or malls which she craves for still feel far away. They might not happen because she picked that tennis racquet and has built an incredible life.

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