Inculcate Yoga in Your Daily Routine This International Yoga Day

Daily practicing Yoga can enhance inner and external beauty like trimmed body, shiny hair and radiant skin, say experts. You can not only transform your physical strength but also improve inner skills and beauty by practicing yoga discipline. Yoga reflect real beauty and physical strength only when you are practicing this holistic discipline It brings peace, calm, health and happiness to all. Yoga is a mental, physical, and spiritual discipline or practice which originated in ancient India. There are various type of yoga asanas. Most famous type of yoga is Hatha Yoga and raja Yoga.


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Yoga as a disciplined process for attaining a goal

Yoga, as method of controlling the mind and the body

Yoga, is connected with various words, such as “hatha-, mantra-, and laya-,” referring to traditions specializing in particular techniques of yoga.


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Yoga, as a method for entering into other bodies, introducing multiple bodies, and the attainment of various supernatural accomplishments; these are described in Buddhism and Tantric literature of Hinduism. And also the Buddhist Samannaphala Sutta; The term “yoga” has been adapted to a variation of practices and methods, including Buddhist and Jain practices. In Hinduism these include, Bhakti Yoga, Laya Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Karma Yoga, and Hatha Yoga.

Apart from the spiritual intention the physical postures of yoga are used to ruduce health problems and stress and make the spine supple in present times. Yoga is also used as a physical therapy routine and complete exercise program.


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Rage as an emotion can sound high and scary. With us regularly experience minor frustrations that can create anger, and various experience rage in more subtle ways.Rage can shown as self-destructive behavior and thought , or it can accumulate from recurring stress and frustration. Yoga provides the opportunity to transform feelings of anger, stress, and rage into inner peace. While overcoming anger is not easy, I’ve create five yogic tools that help you feel more centered and at ease. These are: Pranayama, Laughing Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and Compassion.


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Some people like to sweat it out. Various physical discipline and exercise that enhance your heart rate, like vinyasa or power yoga, can be useful for dealing with anger and feeling. Exercise relif endorphins in the mind, which enhance positive feelings and increase mood.


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Pranayama is great tool for dealing with anger because it calms the nervous system and focuses the brain. It is breathing exercise slow down the heart rate and help bring focus and awareness to our feelings. Yoga useful for everyone from people engaged in desk jobs to professional cyclists to runners to people seeking for loss weight to students to housewives. Yoga can improve the quality of life for everyone who adopts this practice. Whether you are 7 or 70 years old, yoga can help you stay energized and fit. Fitness is not restricted to particular age group. Yoga helps us to keep healthy and detoxified. Yoga offers wonderful techniques to treat those patches and wrinkles that come with age.

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