Argentina Forward Lionel Messi’s Premature Retirement from International Football

After losing the final of Copa America to Chile, third loss in the tournament for Argentina in 3 years, Lionel Messi has decided to take retirement from international duty. The Messi, the greatest player, an all time great, or simply what he could have been…


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His fans are expecting his return from his retirement but the ordeal is quite explicit. The world has crashed around him for making this decision. Messi said “For me, national team is done, right after the recent defeat. “I’ve done all I can and it hurts not being a champion”. He has captured eight La Liga titles and 4 Champion Leagues with Barcelona (Spanish side). But his major honor is winning International Olympic Gold at 2008 games. Awarded by Ballon d’Or 5 times, Messi was on Argentina’s side defeated by Germany in 2014 world cup final.


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This is not how legends go, before turning 30, especially. It’s not what sports is about, a great player unbelievably fighting against all odds to win trophies and conquering hearts across the world, retiring. He said that it’s been 4 finals that I tried who played 113 times for his country and made a debut in 2005. This was the thing that he wanted the most, but couldn’t get it so he thinks it’s over for him. He says that it’s best for him and then for everyone and there are a lot of people who obviously aren’t content. It’s tough but it’s decided now and there’s no going back, he said.

Diego Maradona told Pele that Messi lacks the personality to be a leader, he was correct though. Even he has the capability to run across the field to score, he is different than Maradona who can do anything to win.


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A sensation having a growth hormone disorder in Rosario, Argentina, signed up by richest clubs at the age of 13 and then painful relocation, injections of hormone therapy and years of hard work flowered into an all time great player but the wretched lack of getting international success and weight of failed expectations compiled for years and has resulted in an earlier retirement at the age of 29.

Messi has scored 5 times at Copa America which involves fantastic free kick in the semis over hosts the US, this year. That score made him the country’s record holding goal scorer with 55 goals, going past the 54 goal striking record of Gabriel Batistuta.


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Reaction From Friends And Fans

Sergio Romero, Argentina and Manchester United goalkeeper said that he hopes that Messi would rethink and reconsider on his decision. “I can’t think of a national team without him”. He describes the mood in the dressing room as the worst ever he had been in. There are several players who are still growing and evaluating but not continuing with the national team. Manchester city striker told the media. He adds that “It’s the worst defeat ever, even more worse than the other two finals”.


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His believers and fans are sorrowful. They walked away from the stadium from their TV screens and more like with the sense of fulfillment and fate. His astounding success with Barcelona club is now held up against him when he wears his blue and white striped jersey. Some says that he is popular only in Europe because he plays alongside a star cast. Is it really so easy to forget all the accomplishments in the games he has won solely for the club as well as for the country just because he hasn’t made a difference in international final?

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