Wooden Flooring Trends: All about Colors, Designs and Textures


Picture Courtesy: www.shirav.com

Wooden flooring is much more than one can imagine. Everything about it be it softness of tactile quality, color variation, from warm amber to coal black. Apart from stylish and artistic look, aesthetic approach towards shapes of wood and its graphical presentation like a product places itself in the whole interior concept.

There are varieties in innovative techniques for creating a wooden floor – the formation of every piece connected with one another and the gaps filled and the way the blemishes are treated of the wood. Thick wooden floors do not react to humidity and doesn’t either contract or expand. Pale shades and rustic touch, darkness of some kinds of timber, are back for the old layout of wooden flooring. Surfaces with knot holes and patches, irregularities and grooves which undermines the origin of the material is currently trending.

They say that nature is the best designer and it is observed that traditionally fashioned wooden flooring is coming back into trend. For instance, Austrian makers create brushed flooring and sanded surfaces and oil finish from 13 types of European wood that discloses a variety of shapes and natural colors. Their collection presents a solid board made of blocks which can be available only if pre-ordered.


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Another cutting edge access of the designers which offers preventing colors of every block is the thermal treatment. This also opens the door for several possibilities of combinations. Without disturbing the beauty of the environment and compromising with the features, manufacturers has assembled an under-floor heating system through the use of white glue which is vinegar formed


Picture Courtesy: cdn.myfancyhouse.com

Especially aiming for white colored collections, 2 new designs of floor built in creation with other designers have a good response in central Europe. They are flexible and artistic as according to the current demands in flooring.

The Kahrs designers offer wood products which gave natural looks with rural touch within. To spread white oil across brushed wood is a technique used by designers which can turn to boards with amazing textures.


Picture Courtesy: wineenthusiast.scene7.com

Another material which has made a comeback as trendy and key for functional flooring is the cork. Cork has qualities like its efficient, plastic finish and it is sound and temperature regulative. It opens the gate for several floor decoration options for impressive designs. Wood and stone decorative materials directly printed onto cork utilize a high grade procedure. Cork is effective when it is applied in vast spaces offering irreplaceable patterns and different aspects of functionality.


Picture Courtesy: kinggeorgehomes.com

When two integrated corks are under led a transparent foil, middle layer becomes thick and gives expressive presence. Natural look is not only becoming a trend but is also in demand. Shapes and textures can be experimented with mix and match and can vary from each other giving a wide range of looks.

When it comes to determining on the color palette of the flooring, trending ones are green, dark brown, and grey in sync with the natural elements like sand and stone and white never goes out of style. Handcrafted products place its beauty on its source i.e. on the nature.

Source Url: http://propertyfind.ae/wooden-flooring-trends-all-about-colors-designs-and-textures/


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