The Evolution of Headphones This Century

There is an unlimited array of headphones on the market. While any model will do the necessary trick of plugging into your phone or iPod, a completely new set of devices has been designed with added features that appeal to special consumer wants. Gamers, athletes, fashionistas, and even kids can get the perfect headphones.


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A headphone for the gamer is steelseries-siberia-350. The SteelSeries Siberia 350 gaming headphone gives total gaming immersion. Gamers will enjoy the powerful Steel Series speaker drivers that are connected with the DTS Headphone: X7.1 which provides surround sound, a lifelike virtual 3D experience and a super nice placement of audio cues. These high-tech headphones reproduce in game audio so you can absolutely hear every bullet, footstep, and sword swipe as the game planned. While using these headphones, you can listen to your enemies before they hear you and the lightweight device and memory foam padding ensure that you can easily play for hours on end. It’s just cost 119 dollars.


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The bespoke experience, it’s an XS white laying ledge square. Music lovers who want to have a one of a kind headphone will enjoy the opportunity to create their own wireless V-MODA XS headphones. The company’s award-winning sound system has been improved for these wireless headphones that also boast 33 feet of Bluetooth range, simultaneous device pairing, and an additional luxe fit. But what makes then really unique is your ability to customize the ‘shield.’ And that does not simply mean choosing between colors. Your own design can be created using 14K gold, platinum or a host of various metals and is 3D sculpted in Italy just some steps from Leonardo da Vinci’s former workshop. Cost is 200 dollars.


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Urbanears Active Hellas, Rush 04 Urbanears Hellas are built for sports and this wireless headphone is ideal for runners and those who like working out. These headphones are ‘sweat friendly;’ their mesh ear pads and headband absorb extra moisture to keep you comfortable. And the mesh bits can be tossed into the washing machine with your workout gear. Those on the move will also like the built-in swipe interface that lets you sequence your playlist or attend a call without searching for any buttons and this just cost 119 dollars.


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Next one is for the kids, its coloud boom kids 5. Parents who are concerned about music or videos that are too noisy for young ears will love Coloud’s Boom Kids headphones. These happy-colored headphones have a built-in parental control that provides parents to set the volume at the desired level. They are also durable, give great sound and are tangle free. 29 dollars is the price.


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For the value investor is Samson. Music lovers who desire great sound and excellent comfort without breaking the bank should check out Samson’s Z25 Studio headphones. These headphones are perfect for tracking and music monitoring, harmonized for enhanced bass response, light weight, and equipped with premium 40mm drivers with unique earth magnets. They act and look like super expensive headphones, but are only 69 dollars.

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