New Emojis Coming In 2016 To Make Your Chat Experience More Fun

Hey! emoji lovers, some interesting and new emoji are coming! The organization that allows new emoji before they hit your keyboard has just declared 72 more emoji which will be added to the Unicode standard later this month. This collection includes many fun additions, including those reflective of internet language – for example, Rolling on the Floor Laughing – which has its origins in the acronym ROFL – is one of the upcoming emoji and gives a tilted smiley face with a big mouth and shut eyes. Another surely interesting addition will be the shrug, which people tend today to type out like this ¯_(ツ)_/¯.


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And even there is a clown face, a Pinocchio-like resting face with a growing nose, a cowboy, and many “sick” faces like a green nauseous face, a sneezing face, and a drooling face.

The notable new additions will include a woman with a child, a dancing man, a guy in a tux, a face palm, and shrug. For hand signals, we’re at last getting the fist bumps, crossed fingers emoji, as well as handshakes, and a raised arm with a phone in hand for the selfie emoji, among other emoji.


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There are also a number of new animals and food things, including the gorilla, fox, plus deer, lizard, butterfly, shark, and more, plus tasty bacon and baguettes, pancakes, and salad. emoji lovers are keenly waiting to use these fun emoji. Aren’t you?

Oh, and yes: finally a whiskey glass for those days when a beer mug or martini just doesn’t reflect your drink of choice. After all, there are so many drinks.


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There are also a ton more sports and travel choices, like mopeds and scooters, fencing, karate, boxing, wrestling, handball, gymnast, juggling, and water polo. I’m sure someone plays water polo and was tired of typing that out. Well, the Summer Olympics are coming! So what could be apt to feature the gold, silver and bronze medals?

This is only an incomplete list with some of the highlights, but you can surf the full listing of new emoji on the website.

Unicode had already rolled out a refresh that includes a skin tone modifier, but it still highlights a lot of male characters in a job and sports action, something where it would be nice to at least choose a man or a woman.


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Other companies are also managing to change their emoji. Facebook will launch new emoji to better match skin tones and gender, along with more emoji of females, including as a police officer, surfer, runner, a swimmer, and pedestrian. Google employees have suggested a proposal to the Unicode Consortium asking them to add 13 new emoji that highlight “the variety of women’s careers, featuring women serving as scientists, doctors, in the technology industry and more.

But before you get your hopes up about all these new characters: although the Unicode Consortium has approved these new emoji in the Unicode 9.0 on June 21, 2016, but doesn’t mean they have arrived in emoji keyboard on your phone.

After that point, Smartphone makers like Apple, Google and Microsoft can use append the new emoji into their own software. They then have to publish for public use via a software update.

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