Samsung’s Gear Iconx – Truly Wireless Earbuds With A Fitness Tracking

Headphones are quite handy for every mobile user. it helps us to talk without holding our cell phones in hands and many companies have manufactured it and some other varieties of headphone have wireless feature connecting with Bluetooth but Unlike other wireless earphones, the Samsung Gear IconX is really really wireless, as in, there’s no wire tethering the 2 earpieces together. Even better, it comes with onboard storage and can listen to music directly from it, so there’s no necessary to carry a phone to listen to music. And if that’s not sufficient, the unique thing is a fitness tracker, too, making for a standalone power-house to pop in your ears while workouts.

It’s truly wireless ear buds; you can use it to run music from your phone through Bluetooth, so there’s no need to limit your music playlist to whatever can fit inside the 4 GB on board storage. Except, you know, it brings so much extra in terms of function.


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It is useful for fitness tracking too, the Samsung Gear IconX records heart rate, speed, distance, duration, and calories burned, among other exercise metrics, which it can store locally when the ear buds aren’t paired to a phone. Even better, it can read out the data while the activity, so can have a track of your improvement even without a screen in sight. Once joined to a phone, all data can be simply synced via Samsung’s S Health app. sounds so impressive, isn’t it?


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The original ear buds come with 3 sizes of ear tips and wing tips, so you can try different earpiece to ensure a perfect fit. There are no buttons, but the whole outer surface serves as a handy touchpad that lets you control playback, change volume, and more using simple movements.

No pricing of this ear buds as of now, but the Samsung Gear IconX launches out in July.

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