DLD (Dubai Land Department) App To Check Your Fair Rent In Dubai

Find Out Dubai Rent Index, Rental Contract On Ejari Application

An app, allowing you to check your rent contract details and hikes on rent, has been launched on all the Smart phones. This application “Ejari” is smart and is focused on reducing the amount of routine visits by the property owners and tenants to the department. Deputy CEO of Rental Affairs Sector, DLD, and Mohammed Yahya said: “This was developed with the objective of reduction in number of DLD routine visits and making sure that the tenants and landlords are happy”.


Picture Courtesy: www.dubailand.gov.ae

The application discloses that the contracts which are registered with particular mobile number are listed within the application and is checked by Emirates 24*7. The application also allow the users to print the contract of Ejari but one must affirm at the start that the shared information is correct and true and false, misrepresentation or omission of facts will be considered as violation of the rental sector rule.

It’s necessary for all the tenants to register their rent contracts which cost around 195 Dh, an amount to be paid by the them most of the time, with DLD’s (Dubai Land Department) Ejari system.


When a tenant vacates any property and does not renew the contract, it is necessary to cancel the Ejari registration. The system will not accept the new registration which is mandatory when family residence visa is applied for or when getting telecom services, if the cancellation is not done.

In April 2016, Emirates 24*7 disclosed that DLD has unveiled the “Smart Judge” a new application which gives variety of scenarios to the users giving them the option to select the right one so that they get a virtual verdict in less than a moment. For instance, a tenant who is looking to know if the landlord is about to raise the rent and whether it can be challenged, will be given various plots as according to the land law. To get the virtual judgement, the user has to opt for the correct choice.

The choice in these cases will be if a 3 month’s notice that has been served or not; and whether or not it has been issued by a notary, etc. Have the clarity that the virtual judgement will be on the basis of your choices selected. The judgement is given in Arabic.


Picture Courtesy: itunes.apple.com

Who does the cancellation?

The tenant vacating doesn’t take the responsibility of cancelling the Ejari and thus, the landlord or the property owner should do it.

Following is the process for how to do it:-

1.  A NoC (No Objection Certificate) for cancellation is to be needed which has to be signed       by the landlord/ owner

  • The reason for cancellation must be mentioned clearly in the NoC.
  • If the person holding the power of attorney is signing then one copy of it should be provided with the ID proof of the person.
  • If there is a change in the unit owner, then a new title deed and copies of passport or emirates ID of new owner should be provided.
  • Previous tenant’s license number or passport number is to be mentioned.

2. Final dewa bill’s copy or one copy of new Dewa security deposit receipt should be given.
3.  Title deed of the apartment.
4. It’s mandatory to provide Emirates ID of the applicant.

The cancellation request usually takes one working day to approve but it gets approved before it. The cancellation fees for Ejari contract is Dh 30, as per the authorized agencies.

Source Url: http://propertyfind.ae/dld-dubai-land-department-app-to-check-your-fair-rent-in-dubai/


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