Will Smith Visited Dubai for “Suicide Squad” Promotion

Men in Black and other major Hollywood hits star and actor Will Smith has become an ambassador for the culture & beauty of Dubai. Recently, red carpet screening of his new movie Suicide Squad was held in which he shared his love for the desert city.

He said, “Dubai dreams the way I dream”. He visited the emirates for this special screening of his latest Hollywood flick and a blockbuster hit.

Fresh Prince, the name which he picked from his television series of 1990’s, is a frequent visitor to the city and says it is one of his favorite places to be.

He said that he came in Dubai around some 15 years ago, during the time when people said 40% of all the world’s cranes were in Dubai and the entire skyline was cranes. He said this during a press conference held at newly opened Vox theatre by Rhodes at the Emirates Mall.


Picture Courtesy: www.newslocker.com

When he landed he thought that how I would build a city if he was making one. This too he told at the conference. Smith says that Dubai’s vibe and desire to be the best is the thing which attracts him to this city. It really flows with who I am. You never know when a city speaks to you; he said adding that it is just the energetic people, the progress, the design and the ideas. Everything has to be the best and perfect and he loves this concept and energy.


Picture Courtesy: me.popsugar.com

Choice for Many Celebrities

Dubai is rapidly becoming the dream destination for top Hollywood film directors, Star Trek most recently and Mission Impossible and Syriana.

He said that he had a handful of concepts of films which came through and he has also met with the movie commission few times for the same. He loves it in Dubai and would love to be a part of the mining of stories from the region. According to him, it’s an untapped commodity.


Picture Courtesy: me.popsugar.com

He wants to bring these ideas to the implementation and he says that he is working to get the region into a global stream.

“When I come to Middle East, I get inspired by the beauty and culture but it is has not represented in the cinema globally” he said that it would be a wonderful opportunity to do this and he would be delighted to be a part of such a thing.

Smith says that cinema is the best way for the people to tell the story of their place. Cinema, according to him, can deliver the true soul of the place in front of global audience.


Picture Courtesy: www.britishairways.com

Will Smith’s Day in Dubai

Thrill & Adventure, family fun and sports – he has done it all in Dubai. His favorite thing to do is “hands down” along with taking in the spectacular view of The Palm Jumeirah from the sky.

When asked about what his top Dubai activity was he said that he shouted out to his squad over at Skydive Dubai. He also brought his kids there and they jumped together. One time was not enough for the star who admitted this himself as he opted for the adrenaline pumping jump 5 times.


Picture Courtesy: me.popsugar.com

He is also an avid golfer; he books in some tea time while he is in Dubai, which as per him is some of the best courses in the world.

He also took a cue from his daughter Willow who visited Dubai last year with her brother Jaden. “She face timed me from out in the desert riding over a camel,” he disclosed. “The cross of technology with the old transport style was just so beautiful.

Bonus was when he said that the Wi-Fi is really great in Dubai!

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