How to turn Vegan and Stay One? Here are some Tips

Turning Vegan has become a trend lately. Survey reveals that more people are becoming vegan as compared to previous years. Studies show that in 2009, only 1% of US population was vegan which grew to 5% now. Irrespective of whether you want to go for it because of animal rights or because it’s hip or the reason being health, it requires major change in your diet and endurance. Below are some tips to make this lifestyle last:-


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1. Know the reason why you are turning vegan.

Those who don’t go for eating animal products claim that they turned vegan after watching an educational movie. See documentaries like “forks over knives’, “earthlings” and “conspiracy” to get educated on issues. If you are doing it not because it’s a fad, then it will last.

2. Start enjoying cooking.

By going vegan, it opens up a whole new world of beginning to cook. Start following food blogs, Instagram accounts and vegan posts. If you will not know how to cook, vegetables you can’t eat them. Try to experiment with various spices and ingredients and new delicacies. If you do not prefer cooking, many restaurants offer vegan dishes and other options and Happy cow is an amazing website which list restaurants with vegan options.


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3. Ensure eating more carbohydrates.

Newly turned vegan people often complain about being hungry and weak. It’s a believed notion which is a fallacy that it’s due to lack of animal product’s diet. The reason behind it is that plant based foods have less calories comparatively which means that you need to eat more.

Your body system undergoes a transition phase as it would, with any other diet change. It is vital to understand not to be afraid of carbohydrates, so eat rice and bread, sweet potatoes, bananas and dates which have dense calorie items. It will also help you nourished and satiated.


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4. Keep a record of you daily nutrients.

Keep track and ensure getting all the vitamins and nutrients that you need in order to get enough food. Know which foods carry high nutrients and have sense of how much you need to eat to be nourished.

Many people claim that vegans do not take in enough protein. However, vegetarians actually consume 70% more protein than they need every day. A standard diet has around double the protein recommended daily.

Actually, every food has some amount of protein, so by eating food, you get enough protein.

5. Transform and do not push yourself too much.

If you are transforming from a western diet If you are transforming from a western diet to being a vegan, it might be helpful accepting into new lifestyle easily. Begin with eliminating meat until you get comfortable and then aim for dairy products and then finally to eggs. Give your body and mind some time to adjust.

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