Europe’s Highest Mountain Ascended by Dubai’s Adventurer

Dubai-conceived representative and mountain climber Rohan Mehta scaled 5,642-meter Mt Elbrus.

You can achieve anything on the off chance once you have the determination, says Dubai swashbuckler Rohan Mehta, 27, who has recently come back to town following a difficult 7-day move to overcome the most noteworthy crest in Europe, Mount Elbrus in Russia.


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The Dubai-conceived mountain climber, and just child of Indian representative Yogesh Mehta, claims he is the primary Indian from Dubai to accomplish this deed. He says he responded to this call to escape his customary range of familiarity and to demonstrate something to himself.


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Mount Elbrus, the most elevated mountain in Europe (5642 mt), has the second most astounding passing rate in moving after Mt Everest and what helped him defeat his trepidation was mental readiness. “It’s imperative to be spurred and resolved to get over your fears,” he exhorted. We address Rohan to know more about overcoming Mt Elbrus. Selections from the meeting:


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Why did you go on this ascension?

I needed to escape my comfort zone. I took this up as a challenge. I needed to accomplish something and take in ability.

What was the feeling to achieving the top?

It was an emotionally inspiring experience. We had tears of satisfaction when we achieved the summit.

How could you have been able to you prepare for it?

I had done a couple moves preceding this – in Vermont, California. I additionally climbed icy masses and mountains in Iceland.


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How difficult was it up there?

The coldest it got was – 20 degrees and the wind paces were around 50km/h. It was a test doing combating compelling conditions. It likewise gets hard to inhale as a result of low oxygen at abnormal states. You must be rationally exceptionally solid, and we needed to continue rousing ourselves.

What propelled you?

I have dependably delighted in the outside. Really, after I joined the privately-owned company, I have been at the work area throughout the previous four year. I needed to escape this and accomplish something outside my usual range of familiarity.

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