World Population Day: Latest Theme and 6 Astonishing Facts

The planet earth and its resources are limited but if men, women and children are entitled with human rights, health and environment – population drift can change, so thus the prosperity of humans and their families on earth.


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To stabilize population, there are many human rights and health improving ways like educating girl child with equal rights. By executing the plans to upgrade the human life and planet we can secure the future of earth. Current population growth has further lead to the need of paying heed to these issues.

Stabilized population is a controversial plot. There are various means to handle the issues like coercion horrors, cultural aspects, racism, economic development, religious issues, consumption with effect to population, abortion, etc., which affect population. The right approach is to let people decide on their own.

Investing in Teenage Girls – Theme for World Population, 2016

Teenage girls across the world are considered as ready for marriage and for motherhood. It’s a challenge the world puts in front of them like forcing to quit school thereby damaging their future endeavors. The girls who are school going, basic information regarding their health, reproductive and human rights don’t come easy. Because of this, they become vulnerable to exploitation and illness. Especially those living in remote areas through poverty the challenges are intensified.

When these girls are educated and are privileged, the society prospers and they become agents of positivity amongst the whole community. United Nation’s programmes focuses on curbing adolescent pregnancy and ending child marriages. They helped 11.2 million girls in gaining information regarding sexual and reproductive health.


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Following 6 Statistics Will Show Why It Is So Vital In Investing In Teenage Girls for the Betterment of the World

Youngsters are more in number at this time as compared to any other time. Today, persons aged between 10- 24 are around 1.8 billion from that of 7.3 billion. They are the future of the world so their choices and ideas are going to transform the world. But this needs to be equipped with right skills and opportunities.

Almost 9 out of 10 people lives in underdeveloped countries. Young people living in countries that are still developing are more likely to face poverty and lacked access to education and care. This is where empowered people can make most difference.

More than half of young girls face challenging vulnerabilities. One of the most alarming and prevalent human rights abuses of the world is violence against girls and women. Younger girls of 15 and more face most of the sexual assaults and around 20% experience sexual violence against them. These kinds of crimes go unpunished most of the times. They are practiced like child marriages.


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In still developing countries, one in every 3 girls gets married before the age of 18. One third of all the girls of developing countries (china not included) are married off while still being children. They face floods of human rights abuses and are more prone to sexual and physical violence. They are made to take domestic responsibilities rather than going to school. Then they are not even able to advocate themselves and for their rights.

Marriage is then followed by pregnancy even if the girl is not ready physically and mentally. Every single day, girls aged under 18 gives birth in developing countries which is around 7 million in a year. Adolescent pregnancy is the result of absence of choices rather than a deliberate choice. Pregnancy integrates their vulnerability, taking enormous tolls on their earning potential and education. These things vastly results to increased risks on their health. Complications in pregnancy and childbirth are the leading cause of death for the girls of 15-19 years of age.

The only solutions to these problems are empowerment of girls. Start valuing girls as equal as boys and allow them to receive education, live violence free life and health information. In this way, they will be able to stand for themselves and thus become healthier by meeting their full potential, benefiting the whole society and the world. Around 63% of the girls are yet to achieve gender parity in secondary school enrollment as they are lagging behind. These severe gender disparities in primary education have been reduced to half.

Governments need to invest in teenage girls in ways which give them entitlement so that they can make their own life decisions and earn a living for themselves in order to become equal with their male counterparts. A girl who is able to realize her full potential is able to contribute to the economic and social progress of her community as well as nation.

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