Pebble’s Core –The First Non-Smartwatch Wearable Launches By Pebble

Announced on May 24 from Pebble, its first non-smartwatch device, named the Core. It’s the best thing the company has declared yet.

In fact, it’s the unique device any company has come up with for people who want to hear to Spotify music and tunes their exercises without taking along their smartphones.


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The Core is a small $69 device that can attach to your clothes. It has built-in GPS so you can track your distance and speed, as well as run tracking.

So, it’s a health tracker, but it’s also a music player. The Core comes with 4GB of inbuilt storage so you can list up between 500 to 1,000 Spotify tunes and playlists, well it’s depending on track time and music quality, and you can listen with a wired headphone or use a set of wireless headphones because the Core comes with Bluetooth. And that’s amazing.


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If you’ve ever gone out for a jog with your smartphone, you’ll know how annoying and awkward it is to bring it along. Most people don’t want all the horsepower and functionality of a smartphone for health tracking and listening to a song, which are arguably the only 2 features you require on a run.

But Core isn’t just limited to exercises. It can play your Spotify music list anytime you don’t want to take your smartphone along. Indeed, the most compact device you can use to listen to Spotify music right now is your smartphone, and that’s remarkable considering how popular music running services like Spotify have become.

Pebble Smartwatches

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The familiar thing we’ve seen to Pebble’s Core is a Kickstarter project called Mighty. Like the Core, this device mighty syncs with your Spotify Premium music list and lets you can listen to your song without your smartphone. Yet, the mighty device doesn’t have any health tracking features like the Core does.

Aside from that, Pebble’s new device, the Core will have wireless charging and it can connect to a 3G network so you can manage a basic function from an app, like calling an Uber to your place. And if you’re in a sticky place, you can send out an SOS to emergency services to your place, too.


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It’s pretty close but it’s not perfect, it doesn’t have a heart-rate monitor, and it doesn’t have a show to show you real-time data while you’re out on your run. You’ll have to match the Core with Pebble’s new smartwatches that now come with inbuilt heart rate monitors to review your heart rate and distance/pace data in real-time Or you just wait until you get back to home to sync is with your fitness app on your smartphone.

For those who want real-time heart-rate monitoring, data and GPS, there are smart-watches out there that are better suited for the role, like the TomTom Spark, Timex Ironman One GPS+, and Adidas miCoach. They also have inbuilt storage for music, but none of these can sync your Spotify music list like the Core can.


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We’ll have to wait for the core device quite awhile to be released. Pebble declares the Core will begin shipping in starting of 2017. The Core is available for pre-order now on Kickstarter for $69. But we love this concept and eager to see if it lives up to its potential.

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