Do You Know About This New Gmail Features?

Since it launched a decade ago, Gmail has become not just another email program, but it is the world’s greatest email service, and it has set the example for what people expect in words of ease of use and inbox size.


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A pack of apps and plug-ins floating around the internet can make your practice using Gmail so much more fun. With these amazing add-ons, you can see when people are following your emails, automatically know all about people who email you, and send self-erasing emails. You can hold the power of GIFs and even use Gmail as you would WhatsApp.


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Whenever you Sign up for a new service, Gmail recognizes the + mark now, so you can make an alternate mode of your email and check if you begin to receive spam to that new address, it’ll all go to your main Gmail inbox. So if your email was, you could sign up for Zolo with and keep an eye on your Gmail inbox for spam mail sent to that alternate address. Then you know who give your contact info to marketers.


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This tip works as many times as you’d like, you just need to add a + sign with a particular word to make infinite alternates that will all go to your Gmail inbox.

Sortd – what it is Sortd? Sortd is a new and smart skin for Gmail that turns your inbox into a set of lists you can customize to match your workflow. You can change the list names, add as many as you want, and rearrange them at will. Sortd is formed around dragging and dropping, and altering your inbox to fit your requirements is refreshingly simple.


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Plain Email tells you which of your emails are being followed before you open them.

You may not know, but there are now email-tracking tools that make it simple for people to see when you start an email, what you click, and where you’re positioned. To fight these, the ugly Email Chrome extension shows you when your emails in Gmail are being followed. And it starts operating before you click anything. Once Ugly Email is installed, a little eye symbol shows next to any email in your inbox that’s being followed.

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