Top 10 Travel Trends for Must have Adventure in 2016

People travel for various reasons such as to visit their family, or to relax. However the most popular travel motivation is still adventure – engaging in new and unusual experiences which offer thrill and inspiration. For these travel tours, we have created a list of top 10 places to visit:-

1 .Winter Travel


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When mercury level drops and snow starts to fall, travelers choose to fly out taking benefit of small crowds and cheap rates and opt for thrill seeking activities like northern lights, snowshoeing, ski touring, all these which winter season offers.

2. Self Guided Tours


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Travelers can take it on their own stride having so much to soak in while seeing the world around. Independent travelers have all seamlessness of organized tour blended with freedom, privacy and flexibility. They can set their own agenda while others worry about the bag transfers, where to sleep and support. You don’t have to worry about bookings and you travel carefree when you travel alone.

3. Solo Female Travel


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Since last few years, women solo travelers has increased and 40% hike in the tourism scale has been noticed since 2015. It is growing at a rapid pace and the credit goes to social media and the security provided by experiential travel groups.

4. East Europe


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Europe travelers are heading east to discover the well trodden roads of Italy, Croatia, France and Switzerland in order to involve themselves in the culture. Cycling through hills of Romania, testing the Slovenia’s waters or simply gazing at the Bosnian architecture wide eyed and biking on mountains, water rafting and cannoning on the bank of Soca River.

5. Vacation ROI


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The workaholics employees must pay heed to the fact that those who take overseas vacations remain more creative, refreshed and energized throughout their work at the workplace. Companies like LinkedIn offer unlimited vacations as a way of encouraging their employees so that they seek new challenges to overcome and find inspiration or reduce their tensions.

6. Cuba


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After 54 years, the two nations U.S and Cuba, has agreed to normalize the situation between them. There’s a lot more to look out for other than palm beaches, vintage cars, the colonial architecture and the mojitos.

7. Iran


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Iran has captured the attention of world travelers who were ready to strike it off their list. World’s finest historical sites and Persian architecture, bustling markets, mouth watering cuisines and hospitality drenched in traditions and artistic masterpieces promises to give an unusual and unique adventure.

8. Wellness Holidays


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2016 travelers wants more than just yoga, wellness retreats and spa, they want rigorous, mentally and physically challenging activities which promises to give thrill such as trekking or mountain biking. There has been a huge rise in these types of bookings which took the “wellness” concept onto a whole new level. Expeditions like climbing volcanoes in Indonesia and peaks of Ladakh gives an adrenaline rush to them.

9. Jungle Trips


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From “Indiana Jones” to “Hobbit”, big Hollywood hits always inspire people to go for exotic locations to explore. India’s animals and jungles are going to steal the show after Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book” will release in 2016. India’s tiger and safari parks are determined to be the year’s travel blockbusters.

10. African Safaris


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Due to the killing of Cecil lion last year, there has been a huge outcry over the wildlife tourism because the incident has put its fate under scrutiny. With safari seekers wanting to spend their money in South African countries, Botswana is expected to experience a rise in bookings as it has made a serious wildlife commitment as well as environmental preservation. Botswana is celebrating 50 years of its independence in 2016.

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