7 Things to do every day which Ensures Happiness

Agree or not, most of us look for happiness. In fact, happiness is the only reason behind the things we do. But it doesn’t always go as planned and such is life. Amidst problems at work, relationship complications and family issues, one easily gets stressed and frustrated. You cannot control everything but you can control your attitude towards it. No one’s life is a perfect one. The rich and famous persons also face difficulties. Happiness is a choice; you just have to make that choice every day. Following are the things you can begin with:-

1. Help Others


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Lending a helping hand would make you feel good about yourself and about the world around you. People who are willing to help consistently tend to have an improved psychological well being and higher self esteem, according to many studies conducted. Find a cause in which you believe and spare a little time.

2. Live with Gratitude

Infinite Gratitude

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We take the things we already have, for granted. We do it every day. Take a pause and look what you have to be grateful for. It can be job, friends, partner, pet, family or health. It becomes easy to be happy when you start living with gratitude.

3. Exercise


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Exercise has a lot of benefits towards health and helps in weight loss too. It also boosts your happiness. While working out, body releases feel good chemicals involving dopamine and serotonin which fights down depression and help promote an overall sense of well being. Whenever you are feeling stressed or down, consider a bike ride or a job. It provide better outcome when you inculcate it into your daily routine.

4. Take Chances


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You might have heard of a saying that life is short, well it is true. Life goes fast by and you don’t want to look back and say that I didn’t do the things I dreamed of. Taking chances doesn’t mean living on edge and doing pointless things. It only means getting out of comfort zone and going after what you want to pursue

5. Socialize

Young man with an idea, sitting with his friends in a cafe

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Do you realize how good you feel after having that good laugh with a friend? Most people need to be around other and socializing helps you have a sense of belonging, you feel supported which promotes happiness. Make time for people you care about and who cares about you irrespective of how busy you might be. It can be anything from booking a night out in a pub or a quiet coffee with a mate

6. Slow Down


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Life often is fast paced. With all you have to do each day, it’s easy to move through your days so fast you don’t get time to enjoy them. Spare few minutes every day just to relax and get refreshed, listen to music or meditate or do nothing at all. Taking out time to slow down will help you regroup and prioritize.

7. Be Content While Working Towards Life Goals


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It might sound like a contrary for being content and still strive for more. But it is not. Being content doesn’t mean that you have forgotten about your goals. When you are satisfied with what you are doing and have, you are happy in the moment even you are working towards you life goals.

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