“Stadium of Wonders” going to be exhibited by Panasonic at Gitex Dubai

Gitex is one of the biggest tech occasions on the planet.

Panasonic will bring its propelled developments and advancements showcased at the ‘Stadium of Wonders’ in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, amid the Olympic Games to the UAE at the expected Gitex Technology Week in Dubai.


Picture Courtesy: stillmed.olympic.org

Panasonic consented to an organization arrangement with Sugarloaf Mountain situated in the Urca locale of Rio de Janeiro, a nearby neighborhood of Copacabana to set up and open its corporate structure, called ‘Stadium of Wonders,’ from August 7-21, 2016 to welcome guests amid the Rio 2016 Olympics.


Picture Courtesy:akamaihd.net

“Panasonic’s corporate structure at the notable Sugarloaf Mountain gave a splendid knowledge of the 25 or more year backing to the Olympic Games through its front line innovations to welcome guests to the amusements,” Anthony Peter, executive of corporate correspondences and operations division at Panasonic Marketing Middle East and Africa, told Khaleej Times.


Picture Courtesy: fbcdn.net

With a story zone of approximately 500sqm, the structure screened visual substance collected over Panasonic’s 25 or more year backing of the Olympic Games, in a joint effort with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Rio 2016 Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games (Rio 2016).


Picture Courtesy: www.tvbeurope.com

“Our clients in the locale will be fortunate to see astonishing advancements like the optical light ID innovation, straightforward presentations and other energizing creative, visual and interchanges arrangements amid the Gitex Technology Week to be held in Dubai from October 16-20 this year,” Peter clarified.

Among different tries, Panasonic has gone into an AV innovation organization concurrence with Rio 2016, as specialized accomplice of the light transfer to encourage the light hand-off without precedent for its sponsorship history. Panasonic showed the light from the past Olympic Games inside, and displayed data and video content relating to the light transfer of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in the Stadium of Wonders.

Gitex is one of the biggest tech occasions on the planet. This year Gitex is rethinking substances with new areas: virtual reality, expanded reality, counterfeit consciousness, wearables, brilliant living and advanced showcasing.

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