Now Pokémon going to help you find suitable property, don’t believe it? Read it

Real estate agent Jay Glazer said, ‘ Of the handful or so people who showed up, only one knew exactly what ‘ Pokémon Go ‘ was, it was still worth using the app as something of an appetizer to the ad. the goal is to get as many people through the door and interested in the apartment, and eventually, if there’s a ‘Pokémon’ obsessed person out there who also prefers this home, then we want them here, and this is the best way to interest them,’

The ads are jumping up on real estate listings as fast as Pikachu’s are on teenagers’ mobile screens. OK, that’s an overstatement, but real estate agents are starting to play the game of using the game


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take An example ad on Zillow for a home in Redmond, Washington, describes a long list of upgrades, a new roof, new hardwood platforms, a tankless water heater and, here is the Pokémon magic, list add, a ‘Pokémon Go’ gym less than 5 minutes away. Another listing, however, in Mary Esther, Florida, says clearly at the Ad, ‘ there are ZERO Pokémon Go features’

Sellers might be objected to advertising ‘Pokémon Go’ in their listings because it is a little bit foolish and not necessarily highbrow, and if you’re going for a specific look or creative, a theme such as elegance, it’s ultimately not going to fit in with that.


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The popularity of Pokémon Go has everyone talking about it now, but some suggest it could be short-lived and not deserving any real investment, at least from the market side of real estate.

The chance for sellers to use “Pokémon Go” is just as real as the sought-after characters are imagined. Niantic, the company behind the game, has already said that it frames to start selling areas, and users can already use short “lures” to bring gamers to their areas.

Bruzzo examines the potential for commercial real estate as exponential, from restaurants giving special “Pokémon Go” menus and drinks to malls utilizing it to rejuvenate lagging traffic, even to offices.


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Even analysts are recommending retailers “embrace” “Pokémon Go,” given its huge potential.

(1) Potential to leverage features in the app e.g. PokéStops, Lure Modules, to drive higher foot traffic to stores.

(2) The possibility to use the mobile app to increase customer engagement & loyalty.

(3) Strength to capitalize on developing trends towards social experiences and health/wellness. Pokémon Go has headed to the first “mass adoption of an AR application,” and shows how AR could potentially play a more important role in retail over time.

Using “Pokémon Go” to drive higher foot traffic to any sort of real estate seems like a no-brainer, but when it occurs to residential real estate, foot traffic hasn’t specifically been the problem this year

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