Know about these Bathroom Trends 2016-17

One might think of bathroom as a dull and not fashionable place at home, but if you give it a thought, it’s a place where you spend a lot of your time. So let your imaginations fly and turn your bathroom into a place of style and beauty. When it comes to bathroom design, we can help you with the latest trends. What will look fashionable, stylish and easy to maintain in terms of colors, design and material? Also latest creations and innovations in the field we will tell you about.

Innovative Blend of Natural Material

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Practical simple arrangements of spaces with super clean colors and seamless lines and a touch of elegance and coziness will be the new in during 2017. Turn your imagination of your bathroom into a play of art.

Consistency is the New Dynamics

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New dynamics and playful choices include creating more pleasant atmosphere with easy to maintain and fit materials. A one which provides simplicity and playfulness at the same time and ensuring stylish and classy environment provokes the usage of same material for the walls and floors.

Mix of Bold

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When organic get mixed with modern, it evokes clean and stylish dynamic sensation. Wood and stone synthetics are quite combinative and very clever as well as suitable for design variations.

Making Precise Seem Easy

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Building easy designs is tough; one ought to look for elegant look which gives a “carefully planned and not obsessed” touch to the bathrooms. This can be achieved when modern and classy; innovation and nature comes together.


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Smart builders recreate the old concept of organic connection of water and clay. Clay remains one of the oldest materials to be used in the creation of vessels for water containment and until now it is still the primary for creation of zinc and other fashionable appliances. It can be used with no borders and imagination

Bring Life into the Design by Innovation

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Do include green plants to the ambience of your bathroom which is not only fashionable but also looks beautiful as a design.

Use Timeless Materials the New way

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Wood is another material which undoubtedly brings back the domain of nature into our homes. Sensitive Slovenian oak can be used not only for decoration but with water as a shower floor coverage which is something spicy and new to try in the bathrooms. .

Organic Touch

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Designers follow only nature. Organic products of nature introduce huge variety of possibilities for designs and exciting sensations. Uniqueness comes when natural materials are manufactured in such a way that they give rich sensation of warmth and play decisive roles in bathroom design usage.

Consider Dark Shades

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For interior fashion, dark and moody colors is a comeback- if used right, it will give off relaxation and luxury. Slate tiles with gray color will be popular this coming year. Gray color may look dull but it work amazingly with its variety of shades

Famous Bathroom Colors

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Clean colors are going to be in this year and not bright, shiny tiles, matte surfaces, nude or neutral colors. They will look great with dark grey and contrast will be something new to overall color scheme.


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Brass is trending now. Metal accessories with tint of brass and gold on marble cladding are a stylish return in terms of color combination. Brass is the new fashionable metal for bathrooms. With marble, it becomes irresistible combination.

Play with Geometry and Tile Shapes

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Architectural and structural elements make way for geometrical shapes. There has been a new take on classic hexagonal tile coverage over the walls and floors. They are long lasting and popular with multiple variations in multiple interpretations.

Minimalistic Bathrooms for Urban Habitat

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Smaller and privet space in bathrooms are in trend in terms of shape and size of bathroom design composition as it also fits better in small urban apartments and has a sense of elegance and intimacy. Small here doesn’t mean less but comfort, functionality and style.

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