Dubai Will Build Desert Rose City, Flower-Shaped Integrated Eco-City

An eco-friendly city in the form of a flower is to be constructed in the desert in Dubai. Desert Rose City has been given the go-ahead and will feature clinics, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, and villas and designated house for Emiratis working on renewable energy.


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The director general of Dubai Municipality, Hussein Nasser Lootah stated that the plan embodied the concept of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, and was in business with the UAE policy of following a sustainable way to urbanization.


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The executive director of the municipality’s planning department, Dawood Al Hajiri, stated that the Smart City would be totally sustainable and give about 200 megawatts of electricity using photovoltaic rooftops on homes and other premises.


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He said that 75 % of the city would be committed to housing. The first phase is assumed to welcome 160,000 residents to an area of more than 14 thousand hectares.

It will rely on its own sources to give transport and communications, to conserve energy and recycle wastewater, giving more than 40,000 cubic meters of usable water.


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Renewable power and solar power will be used for lighting, while the supplies used in the construction will contribute to maximum security and safety while continuing low cost.


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Solar panels, spreading a surface area of 65,000 hectares, will produce clean electricity and renewable energy. For this incredible Desert Rose City, No cost, timescale or location was declared now.

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