THESE ARE THE Top 10 World’s Healthiest Countries

The health of human beings everywhere in the world is deteriorating especially in places where every meal is over sized and young ones spend more time browsing the internet rather than playing outside. There are ratios to consider while determining how healthy a nation is such as life expectancy and infant mortality. These two are the indicators of good and sound health of an overall nation. It helps in identification of eating habits, exercising habits and availability of healthy food and whether they are getting good quality healthcare.


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The average age a person lives is life expectancy and it may vary on the basis of geographic region and era. It’s not like a deadline but an average on which many people live more than their nation’s life expectancy as long as they are maintaining a healthy routine which includes a proper diet and exercise and good healthcare, have a sound economic stability as well to take enough care of themselves. Work related stress and managing everyday allocations requires economic stability which is as important as eating clean because it takes a physical toll on one’s body.


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Here is the list of countries with high life expectancy and low infant mortality rate which makes them to top the list of 10 most healthy countries in the world:-


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Monaco stands ahead of all with 89.47 years of life expectancy. Apart from highest life expectancy, it also has highest female life expectancy as well where females live on an average of 93 years. Mortality rate stand as low as 1.83 on each 1000 births.

JapanMt. Fuji with fall colors in japan.

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Japan stands 2nd on the list with 85 years of life expectancy and infant mortality rate of 2.04 per 1000 births. This country also has the highest population of people between 95-99 years of age.


Singapore has 3rd place in this with 84.95 years. Infant mortality rate is 2.43. it has 2nd highest male life expectancy and 3rd highest female life expectancy at 82.3 and 87.78 years.

MacauGalaxy Macau is lit up in the evening after it opened for business in Macau

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It has 84.53 years of life expectancy and is also at 4th place of female life expectancy which is 87.6 years. Infant mortality rate is 3.10 in the beautiful country of Macau.

San Marino

Having fifth highest life as well as female expectancy at 83.29 and 86 years, this nation also has infant mortality rate of 4.39.


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Andorra stands 6th on life expectancy and male life expectancy of 82.78 and 80.6 years. Until now you must have noticed that women have high life expectancy as compared to men. Infant mortality rate is 3.62.


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However ranking 8th on life expectancy, Hong Kong actually is on number 6th with 85.3 years on female life expectancy. Infant mortality rate is 2.87.

Hong Kong

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However ranking 8th on life expectancy, Hong Kong actually is on number 6th with 85.3 years on female life expectancy. Infant mortality rate is 2.87.


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Life expectancy of Australia is 82.23 years and 9th highest. It ranks 8th among male life expectancy with 79.77 years and infant mortality rate is 4.31.


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Life expectancy is 82.2 years. This sweet nation has 3rd highest population of citizens who are 100 years and above of age. Whatever they are doing to stay like this, it is working for them (may be its because of all the wine they drink). Infant mortality rate is 3.27.

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