Want to design your home like pro?

most of us imagined once, how would my personal space looks and feels, it could be a starter home or your family home you’ve decided to renovate, the excitement of decorating your spaces never becomes old. There are tons of choices, influences and so much inspiration easily available, decorating by oneself can be challenging yet interesting too.


Picture Courtesy: imgur.com

The first thing to remember is, be inspired. You can lot of stuff from magazines and online resources to movie sets, there is a plenty of inspiration available at hand, so just start looking but Remember, at this stage, and you are open to any theme or style so search all the images and styles that grab your interest. As you create your collection, you will see a basic thread running through a majority of your collection. Maybe you are attracted to stylized clutter or at the extreme opposite, chic minimalism. Maybe a color takes your fancy or maybe it’s the big furniture selections that show you’re leaning towards a special style. Take note of the every little detail.

img-03Picture Courtesy: pro.showoff.com

Next step is to think like architecture of your home. Pay attention to the scale, size and specific architectural details like French windows, exposed beams, skirting boards and period trims etc. Unless you are in the desire for major structural tasks, it is best to work with the home’s bones so crop your visual choices to those images that work fine with your home.

When you are creating your inspiration book for home designs, don’t forget to buy some graph paper and tape measure. Try to measure your home as precisely as possible and depending on what scale goes best for you, plot the plan of the home into the graph paper, selecting each grid for 1 foot or 1 meter. With the primary walls on paper and to scale, add the parts such as windows, power points etc.


Picture Courtesy: ma7eshouse.pro

It’s exciting to be in the market for your home interiors, but being spoilt for choice can be a bit overwhelming if you have been not planned your budget or your selections could be expensive. Here is a tip to manage your expenses on furniture. Narrow down your inspiration board to a maximum 3 images for each room and explore out what you like about each image and make a list. Is it the main furniture or the color codes or the styling? If you can delete the noise out and focus on the key elements that are important, like furniture style and color code then the rest can wait. Armed with this information, search the market high and low for the key pieces.


Picture Courtesy: porch.com

Now it’s time to start with the main pieces, the sofa, dining table or the bed. Your study would have pointed to you the finishes, styles, and shapes you choose, but if you find engaging to them a tad risky, it’s suggested you spend in clean and standard shapes. Find something that really could work with multiple styles and in a neutral color. Always make sure you write the sizes and before buying, plot them on the graph paper to be sure the furniture fits. It’s recommended you to start looking about at the high-end shops. It will give you a clear view of what is on-trend. Study the market for economical options if you want. In case what you like in the market is a costly or a risky choice, delay the buying and let the rest of the place come into its own. That will give you a better view if that piece really belongs to that design or not.

Source Url: http://propertyfind.ae/want-to-design-your-home-like-pro/

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