The Biggest Sporting Competition On The Planet – Rio Olympics 2016

Just a few days left for the Rio 2016 Olympics games and the world is getting ready for the biggest sporting competition on the planet, and the athletes, they are looking fit and ready for action. In August 2016 over 10,000 toned, strong, beautiful and sexy athletes will be parading the Fabulous City to compete for many Olympic medals. We have tried the best to list the 2016 Rio Olympics hottest athletes. Just check out the list.


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Ana Ivanovic, she is 27 from Serbia and plays Tennis she is a true national treasure for Serbia, Anna is currently the world’s 7th best female tennis player. She is just not famous for her talent, but her lovely green eyes and excellent body are just as stunning! We really can’t choose who we’ll root for in case she meets Maria Sharapova in the Olympics’.


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David Oliver, he is 33 from the USA, he will competing in Hurdling. He is America’s top hurdler and besides that he has a lot more to show, an irresistible physique and a beautiful smile. Since his Bronze at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, he has won 4 gold medals in 5 international competitions, among which the World Championships 2013 in Russia. In 2016 we only want one thing: to see a lot more of David on the podium.


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Ellen Hoog, she is 29 from Netherlands and her passion is Field hockey. Ellen is the remarkable midfield who, in London 2012 semifinal against New Zealand, got a penalty shootout and enabled her winning team to defeat Argentina in the final. That wasn’t her only gold medal, though: she and her team have success in Beijing 2008 and in 2 out of 3 Field Hockey World Cups since 2006.


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Luca Dotto, he is 25 from Italy. He is best in Swimming. Luca is the 1st of 4 male water athletes to make our list of the 2016 Rio Olympics hottest athletes. Besides high-flying sports career, this 1.92m-tall handsome has been working as a model for big fashion brands like Emporio Armani since 2012. Better for him and even great for us.

Jaqueline Carvalho, age is 31 from Brazil and plays Volleyball. An excellent example of what Brazil is best at “producing” we meant to say, beautiful people, obviously, Jaqueline is a big part of her legendary female volleyball team, which won a gold medal in both Beijing 2008 and London 2012. So let’s cross our fingers for this beautiful talented lady in 2016.

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Marcelo Chierigini, he is just 24 and again from Brazil, just mentioned it above readers about producing, well jokes apart he’s is good in Swimming. Marcelo has had a shy yet promising start in the sports world; he holds a bronze medal in the World Swimming Championship 2010 in Dubai. We hope his co-nationals’ huge support and an even stronger physical fitness will help him to win gold.


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Maria Sharapova, she is 28 from Russia and amazing in Tennis. We must admit it’s impossible to defeat Maria Sharapova in pretty much anything. 2nd best female tennis player in the world and one of the gorgeous athletes out there, the epitome of a sports goddess is the right words for her. She is on the top 3 of all 2016 Rio Olympics hottest athletes list.

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