Now, Carry Your Office in Your… Pocket?

Cell phone flawlessly changed into a tablet? With Superbook, you can do only that – significantly more with this Special pack for $99 a pop.

‘Superbook’ to makes your Android smartphone output look very much like a desktop environment


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A US-based startup has offered a brilliant laptop shell that transforms your Android Smartphone into a smart tablet, making it more affordable and convenient for indivisibles in developing countries like India and South Africa to convey their office in their pocket – truly.

The shell, called “Superbook” by Andromium, makes an Android cell phone yield look especially like a desktop situation.


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It is basically a “dumb terminal” – a notebook without a processor but with a battery, track pad, keyboard, and display – TreeHugger reported on Saturday. Andromium launched this ambitious product on Kickstarter – a website “offered to bring creative projects to life” – and is accessible at $99.

Created by Andrew Jiang and his group at Andromium, Superbook gives a huge screen, multi-touch trackpad and keyboard, over eight hours of battery and telephone charging abilities.


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At the point when connected to an Android cell phone, it dispatches an application that will convey a full tablet experience to its client.

As per Jiang, the application is basically Android Continuum that gives you a chance to work consistently, going from telephone to note pad.

“With Superbook, you can do all that you can do on a portable workstation – and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. With desktop-class searching, accesses to office applications, amusements and notwithstanding programming, the open doors are boundless,” Andromium said in its venture depiction on Kickstarter.

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