Iron Age Civilization Treasures Found In Dubai

Saruq Al Hadid Museum at Dubai, an interactive one and the first of its series to transform the historical district into a rich cultural zone has a lot to offer in terms of unlocking the mysteries of Iron Age. Discovered by his highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE and ruler of Dubai), the museum rummages into the mystery of Iron Age from the archeological site findings which is on the edge of Rub Al-Khali desert.

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Ever since the deserts have been found, the archeologists and historians are revealing thousands of stoneware, iron tools, bronze particles, beads, gold jewellery axe heads, ceramics, fish hooks, decorative stones, daggers &arrowheads, knives, pottery, swords, other everyday objects and fossils which all are at the display of the museum.

The interactive exhibition will be refreshed on continual basis as the new discoveries are showing up. In a dugout which is archaeologically simulated, visitors to the museum can carry out their own shoveling. The museum is located at Shindagha district of Dubai which is a perfect reason for the visitors to visit old Dubai. They can also try visiting the souks or can have traditional Arba ride across the creek.


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These deserts earlier were savannah where lions, snakes and deer lived and the people there excelled in metallic industry. For those who do not consider all these to be actually true, now there are proof that they all existed 4000 years ago.

Dubai public will for the first time get a sneak peek into this civilization which existed at a brand new museum that opened recently. The excavation began 13 years ago and has unveiled around 12,000 objects from the site until now out of which 900 are on display at the temporary museum.

Items going back to 10,000 BC meaning they are 12,000 years old have been found. The point to be notice is that these are just 5% of the total objects covering area of 2.5 km*1.5 km and still 95% of them are yet underground which will take a long time to be fully extracted. It is believed that the objects identified are from the manufacturing area with metal factories around them.


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Some furnaces which were used at that time to melt iron have also found. Many other items are going to change the history of Dubai and this particular area. A notion held that swords weren’t manufactured here prior to Islamic era, now have proof that 3,600 years ago people manufactured swords of various sizes here.

But the question to who these people were and where they lived in this vast desert and why they chose to live here with no traces of their home or graveyards is still a mystery. An insight to the animal world of that era can be gained from the potteries found with snake images, dagger featuring a lion on its handle, fossils of camels, oryx and fish. A mystery anklet is one of the most unusual objects that have been found, it is 4-5 kgs in weight and anticipated that it used to be a camel anklet because it is not possible for humans to wear.


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Other interesting objects are carnelian beads, decorated shells, incense burners, stone arrowheads of different shapes and sizes. A golden ring is another special object which has also inspired the new logo of Dubai Expo 2020. However for what purpose this ring was used for is still not clear.

The museum also provides audio-visual presentations in order to expose these discoveries of site and crucial findings of the same, featuring interactive session for young visitors through the use of replicas of artifacts and of the stores that sell the souvenirs.

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