Instagram Announced – 500 Million Users And Counting

Instagram announced that it had reached a milestone, with its community having increased to more than 500 million members and more than 300 million of them using the site every day.

Instagram Blows Past Race to 500 Million Mark. The Instagram community has become global, the Facebook-owned company also stated, with more than 80% of Instagrammers living outside the US.


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Instagram’s user has multiplied in 2 years, past rival photo-sharing site Snapchat. Its growth stream comes at a time when Twitter growth seems to be stagnating as it tries to find an economic model that will turn into long-term profitability.

chief analyst at Jackdaw Research Jan Dawson said to E-Commerce Times, Instagram’s growth versus the race comes down to the simplicity of the site and its sense to draw in the users social media companies covet most. Instagram’s premise is ultimately very simple, like sharing pictures, with optional filters, there’s almost no learning need, but at the same time the app is fairly great.’


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CEO Kevin Systrom and Technical Lead Mike Krieger started Instagram in 2010, and Facebook acquired it for 1 billion US$ in cash and stock 2 years later. Facebook has arranged to provide Instagram with some of the basic growth tools it required but in a lot of important ways it supported the company to find its own path forward without bothering loyal members.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that Instagram users could continue to post on other social networks and manage their Instagram and Facebook followers separate if that’s what they needed to.


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Mukul Krishna, head of the digital media practice at Frost & Sullivan said to E-Commerce Times, Instagram is taking the interest of its position as part of the larger Facebook eco-system, which gives companies a good deal of leverage to turn their customer data into leverage with promoters that want to reach their customers. They want to be assured they are reaching the right customer on the proper platform with the right information at the right time.

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