7 Culinary Herbs and Spices which helps Fight Cancer

Following cancer fighting spices and herbs posses health benefits and is a part of our daily culinary routine which can help fight cancer without chemo. These can be easily found in Asia but difficult to find in American cuisine.

Indians especially eat plant based diet; they are the highest consumers of spices in the world and have significantly low cancer rates as compared to Americans.


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Ginger has been used in traditional medicine since long to treat every little problem from cold to constipation. It can be used when it is fresh and also in its powdered form or even candied. However, the flavor is different in different forms but even then, the can be used as substitutes in several recipes. During treatment of cancer, ginger may be taken as a medication for anti nausea which gives comfort for upset stomach as well.


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It’s a Mediterranean herb which has needlelike leaves and is a source of many anti-oxidants. As its origin, it is used in Mediterranean cooking and is a primary source for seasoning of Italian cuisines. It can be used for adding flavors to soup, tomato sauces, high protein containing foods like beef, lamb & poultry products and bread. This herb also helps in detoxification, fighting indigestion, other related digestion problems and loss of appetite. One just has to drink rosemary leaf tea 3 times per day to cope up with these issues.


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Turmeric belongs to ginger family. It is the one which makes curries yellow and gives it a distinct flavor. Cur cumin is the active compound which is found in turmeric. It is because of this component that turmeric has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which also have the potential to protect against cancer.

It is being tested to see if they play any role in treating prostate, breast and skin cancers and the results are promising. They are widely used in labs and in animal studies, so it’s not much clear that the results will apply likewise to humans.

Chili Pepper


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Chili Pepper contains a substance capsaicin which relieves the pain. When it’s applied to skin, it causes burn. Ask your oncologist or physician to use a capsaicin cream. It shows pretty good results when treating for neuropathic pain (sharp pain following path of the nerve) after the surgery of cancer.


ripe garlic fruits with green parsley leaves

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Garlic is from bulb shaped plants called Allium which also includes onions, chives, scallions, leeks and shallots. It has high potential of sulphur content and is a source for arginine, flavonoids and selenium which acts as benefit for human health. Garlic’s odor is because of the active compound present in it and comes out when it is peeled, crushed or chopped.

Increased intake of garlic reduces cancer risks in stomach, pancreas, esophagus and breast. Garlic protect against cancer in multiple ways which include DNA repair, cell death, cancer causing substance formation which also supports immune system and reduces blood pressure.


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It is a hybrid cross of water mint and spearmint. It’s been used as digestive aid and helps relieve indigestion cramps, gas and diarrhea since long time. Symptoms like bowel syndrome and food poisoning can be cured with it. It calms stomach muscles and increase the bile flow which allows the food to pass the stomach quickly.

Drink peppermint tea for upset stomach or simply boil some dried peppermint leaves in water until desired state. This can also soothe a sore throat. After the treatment of cancer or chemo therapy, it is often found that it leaves the mouth painful and sore. For this, peppermint can help relieve it.


chamomile with leaves

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Chamomile is been used for ages to cure a variety of problems like sleep issues (drink chamomile tea before going to sleep), mouth sores after the radiation from chemotherapy (as mouthwash- make its tea and gargle as desired if allowed by your oncologist). Its tea also manages to solve stomach cramps and relax muscle contractions especially of the intestine.

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