Things To Remember When Buying DSLR Camera

DSLR camera means digital single-lens reflex which are high-performance cameras normally used by professional photographers but is increasingly used by photography lovers thanks to improved user-friendly technology.

And today’s markets are full of many choices with DSLR, so deciding which one to pick is can very confusing photography lovers. Here is advice by Canon Middle East, when buying a DSLR what to look.


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The first obvious thing is to look about price. DSLR cameras are more affordable nowadays. There are many brands giving great starter DSLRs for the interested amateur to a highly professional camera. Another thing to take into mind when buying a DSLR is the cost included for additional equipment such as:

  • Lenses can be changed to your photographic wants, example if you are interested in landscape photography you will require a wide angle lens while if you are interested in taking wildlife or sports shots then you may need a telephoto lens.
  • The second thing is Batteries. All models will come with one battery but if you are travelling it’s a good to always carry an extra pair.
  • Memory cards is a very impotent part of any camera, most photographers upgrade their memory cards to 1GB minimum, which allows you to take more hi-resolution photographs before needing to delete and free up space.
  • Filters can be used to manage the light that enters the camera. Filters are very helpful for creating effects such as soft lighting or warmer colours.


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It is well worth asking yourself this question, what will you use it for? It will help you think what type of features and accessories you’ll want. Whether you’re a beginner, semi-professional or a professional photographer, a large variety of cameras are on offer with basic features or functions that are user-friendly for learners and the highly professional cameras for professional people.


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Resolution is a topic that is often one of the first to be questioned about a new camera. Megapixels come into play as you consider how you’ll use your photographs. If you want images into print enlargements then more megapixels can be good or if you want to print in small sizes or use them for e-mailing friends then it’s not so important.

DSLRs can offer a wide collection of value added features, so it is suggested to remember what you expect to get out of your photography before buying in additional technology features.


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Burst mode is the technique to shoot a burst of pictures by just holding down the shutter release. It’s excellent for sports and action photography. DSLRs vary both in the number of frames that they can click per second as well as how many pictures they can click in a single burst.


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Maximum Shutter Speed: Most DSLRs will have a decent range of speeds available but some will have awesome top speeds which will be very useful if you’re into sports or action photography.

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ISO Ratings: A camera’s ISO feature sets the light sensitivity of the camera’s image sensor. A lower ISO setting is used when taking overly bright scenes because it lessens the light sensitivity of the image sensor. This is perfect when shooting at the beach or on a ski slope, or under the mid-day sun. A higher ISO setting is mostly used when shooting under dimmer conditions like cloudy days, indoors etc because it enhances the light sensitivity of the image sensor.

Photographing Meerkats

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LCD Size: This feature can be necessary when you want to review your pictures. The larger the LCD, the simpler it will be to view your images after you take them, and to decide if you wish to keep them

Flash: back in time all photographers were tied to the light source accessible to them, but with ongoing flash advancement, photographers are able to make a portable light source with them, developing both range and overall photographic effects.

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